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The Return of Burton Holt!

This is at least Burton's second piece he's shared with the LFA Gallery and it's a stunner!

Ok, I fell in love with this mixed media piece the moment I saw it. Which happened to be the exact moment he and Emily were putting it into the gallery. And my apologies in advance but I let me "1 hour policy" slide on this one –– by about 58 minutes.

This Untitled piece made with rubber straps and acrylic paint in now in my collection.

According to Burton, "I find these rubber straps of various widths in Manila at a huge market call Divisoria. The straps are 40 inches long and various widths. I have used them in many “art” pieces and they make nice studio stool upholstery.

The guy I buy them from has a stall with hundreds of bundles and I asked him what they are used for, he says “slingshots”. In my 60 years going to the Philippines I have indeed bought a few slingshots but have never seen them used in any other way."

Here's a few other photos he emailed me later.

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