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Free Little Art Gallery
The smallest, free-est gallery in the galaxy—
ake a piece, or leave a piece, or both!

  About FLAG

The Free Little Art Gallery opened December of 2020 in an effort to shed a little light, levity and beauty on a heavy year. Anyone is welcome to leave a piece, or take a piece or just have a look around and enjoy what’s inside. No even exchange required. 

There are few rules* or expectations for this little public art experiment in progress. But I look forward to seeing how it evolves and am always delighted to see people enjoying and using the gallery. 

And no matter what year it is, I believe we can all benefit from more creativity and moments of joy in our lives. So I hope the Free Little Art Gallery can contribute to those things––even if only a small scale.

* Only request is that people please leave the gallery furniture and its little patrons in the gallery. 

Located on 1st Ave North between Garfield & Galer, Seattle WA 98109


I'm considering creating a network Free Little Art Galleries. If you're interested in updates, sign up here.