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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: Where is it?

A: You'll find the FLAG on 1st Ave. North, between Garfield and Galer in Seattle, 98109.


Q: Where do I leave art I'd like to contribute? 

A: Leave pieces inside the gallery. It's open 24/7 

Q: What are the general dimensions? 

A: 18" x 16" x 9" 

Q: What size art fits into the gallery?

A: The largest 2D size that fits comfortably is about 11" x 10". And of course anything smaller works just fine. 3D should be less than 8 inches in depth.

Q: Can I mail you a piece to put into the little gallery?

A: Sure, I can't guarantee when it'll go into the gallery but you're welcome to mail to 1531 1st Ave North, unit B, Seattle, WA 98109

Q: If there's a piece I want, can you mail it to me if I can't come to the gallery? 

A: I'm sorry but not feasible at this time. 


Q: Can I use this idea and start my own? 

A: Yes. YES. YES. Do it!  And please keep in touch. I'm currently considering ideas for a network where we can share, contribute and learn from each other. More on that soon. If you are interested in being part of a larger network please email here.

Q: Do you have any advice in starting my own little gallery?

A:  I do. But hundreds have reached out for advice.  so it will take me some to make it possible to share it efficiently . More soon. 

Q: Where did you get the structure?

A: I designed it and worked with a good friend who happens to be a carpenter to help construct it. I painted, sealed, added glass and some additional carpentry details. 

Q: Do you plan on making more of them? 

A: I'd love to see more Little Free Art Galleries in the world and will do what I can to help them proliferate. More on that soon. 

Q: Do you sell it as a kit? 

A: I don't. But you might check to give you some ideas and or how to have one built.

Q: If I can't make one of my own, what would you advise? 

A: Check with .  Lots of information and I believe they sell various models—some of which might work fine for a little art gallery. 

Q: Would your carpenter friend be interested in making one on commission? 

A: Not at this time. 

Q: Can you share the plans you used? 

A: We built the structure using a rough "plan" I designed with Sharpie on notebook paper.  My goal is to make REAL plans with real measurements to help people make their own. That will take some time to make ones that work with directions that that are at least 54% better than Ikea's. More on that soon-ish. 

Q: What's it made out of? 

A: 3/4" Plywood, marine plywood, stainless steel hardware, exterior house paint, waterproof sealant on the roof.  It's mounted to a 5 foot cedar 4" x 4". 

Q: What are the railings made of? 

A: Small pieces of wood. 

Q: Must it be in my yard area or can I use the grass area between the sidewalk and road?

A: I don't know. 

Q: How do you make your sign waterproof?

A: Good ole fashioned clear packing tape. Pretty, pretty fancy.


Q: How often do you take pictures of what's inside the gallery?

A: Currently about times two to four times a day. But like I said above, I got a life to live! So I welcome help in capturing what comes and goes. You can upload photos here. 

Q: Where do you store overflow piece added to the gallery?

A: In general, the gallery keeps itself in balance (rarely too many, rarely empty) If it gets overly crowded, I'll bring pieces inside until the space in the gallery opens up a bit. 

Q: Is it your full-time job? 

A: The time on spend on FLAG is volunteer.  I make my living as a working artist and illustrator. 

Q: Can I commission your to make a tiny piece of art for myself or a family member?

A: Until April of 2021, I can't accept new commissions—big or small. If you're interested in commissioning a piece later in the year, I'd love to discuss—please see

Q: Can you talk to my kindergarten class via Zoom.

A: Sure. But there'll be a quiz at the end of my lecture to ensure each and every kindergartener has taken careful notes!  And next month is much, MUCH better. 

Q: Can I ask you a personal question?

A: Not right now. 

Q: Do you think a big bird house would work as a little gallery? 

A: Welp, these things are so hard to know.  But I'm a big fan of big bird house experimentation. Let me know how it goes! 

Q: What does your sign/plaque read?

A: Feel free to take a piece, or leave a piece—or both. Experimentation and imperfections are gladly accepted. (Please leave the gallery’s easels, benches and 5” patrons.)

Q: Where can I find the little people? 


Q: Do you think tape is ok?

A: I love tape. But only the blue kind. 

Q: Where'd you get that bench? 

A: Made it. 

Q: Where'd you get those easels? 

A: Made them. 

Q: Can I install hooks on the ceiling so I can hang a mobile? 

A: No way! I love the idea of hanging sculptures and mobiles and feel free to a leave a hook or two. But please leave it to me to make holes and/ or otherwise alter the physical structure. 

Q: Do you know you're not the only little free art gallery in the galaxy? 

A: Yes, I'm aware. Thank you! But it's the only little gallery in the galaxy that's just the way I envisioned it. 

Q: Is there a visitor's book?

A: Not at the moment but I'd love one. A visitor's book requires an additional box on the outside of the gallery to protect it from Seattle's rain. If anyone's interested in donating a visitor's book box, let me know! 

Q: Can I buy a piece of art from your Free Little Art Gallery? 

A:  I'm afraid not. But artists DO need your support. If  you love a piece and the artist's name is mentioned, please try reaching out to them directly—maybe they have a similar piece on hand they'd offer for sale. 

Q: Do you track and record all the pieces that come and go from the gallery? 

A:  I'd like to but it's not possible at the moment. I make a living as an artist and commercial illustrator. As much as I love seeing what comes and goes by the hour, I also need work. 

Q: Is there a way I can help or contribute?

A: It takes time and money to sustain this little gallery and build a larger network. If you'd like to contribute to efforts to help sustain the FLAG and grow the network, you're welcome to do so here. 

Q: Is that your dog? 

A: Probably. 

More soon and like I said, hope this helps while I'm working out some of the details and looking at the options for expanding the network so we can all see more art in more places. 

• If you have an infrequently asked question, feel free to ask here. 

• If you're interested in opening another chapter and/or being part of a larger network, let me know here. 

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