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Get a dose of art. Give a dose of art.

In a simple effort to share more light and levity, I'm offering several small pieces of offbeat optimism for those who'd enjoy a daily dose of art delivered to their mailbox. 

Please note: This project is currently on hiatus until it becomes more sustainable 

Each 4"x6" piece is a one-of-kind, varied edition created with archival materials. And the series of your choice arrives one day a time for a week.  

Order a 7-day supply 



1) CHOOSE from a collection below.


2) EMAIL your name and/or those of the recipient along with address(es). 

3) CONTRIBUTE  what you'd like. 



*A note on pricing:

A suggested amount is $10 a dose so $70 for a weekly supply.  If that's out
of range, don't sweat it and just pay what you'd like. 



Products of Positive Thinking 

Watercolor drawings of products that don't exist but you'll wish they did. 


Uncheery Cherry Trees

They might look pretty but this gang of cherry trees is pretty sick of this sh*t. 


Effervescent F-words 

The F-word has never looked more cheerful.


Canines for Caregivers

These guys know what it's like to be on the front lines fighting an epidemic. Sort of. Well, not really. but they can imagine. 


Bored Baseballs

If you thought your kids had it bad, check out these guys with absolutely nothing to do. 


Ice Cream Truck Offerings

Just because you can't hear the bells doesn't mean you can't order everything from Bubble Gum Eyes Batman to the classic Ice Cream Sandwich

How the Daily Dose of Art began

These tiny works began a year ago when I, along with many friends, started mailing my mom a small piece of art every day for the duration of her chemo treatment. (For proof that art cures cancer, see video below.)

Mama Milrany, Oct 8, 2019
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Painting your own Dr. Birx scarf just got easier! Download the pdf, print and presto—you're on your way! 

Color By Numbers Dr Birx
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