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Most of my work is inspired by observations of ordinary daily life—sometimes the beautiful, sometimes the bitter, sometimes the mundane—just documenting the truth as I see it and remember it. 

I work in a variety of media and especially appreciate those which provide an inherent degree of imperfection and surprise. 

My style has probably developed from an appreciation of candor, color, storytelling, and absurdity. Along with my love of watching human behavior and how we move through this world together—as one giant herd of crackpots.

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Fountainhead Gallery 

625 W McGraw St., Seattle WA 98119   206.285.4467



Sally Bjornsen Represents




Queen Anne Marketplace

Stacy Milrany Artworks 

1622 Queen Anne Ave N.
Seattle WA 98109




• University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Bachelor of Arts, Journalism


• Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Masters of Science, Mass Communications /Advertising & Art Direction 



STUDIES specific to fine art

• The Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA)

• Miller School of Art (Seattle, WA)

• Gage Academy of Art (Seattle, WA)

• NW Encaustic (Seattle, WA)

• Sitka for Art & Ecology (Cascade Head, OR)

• Berkeley Extension (San Francisco, CA)

 Portland State University  (Portland, OR) 

• Portland Center for the Visual Arts (Portland, OR)




2020/ Group Show, Love Politik, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR

2020/ Group Show, Mixed media paintings, Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair, Seattle WA 

2020/ Solo show, Mixed media paintings "Buoyancy" Fountainhead, Seattle WA 

2020/ Group show, Works on paper, "Paper Mill" Gallery 110, Seattle WA 

2019/ Group show – Oil paintings, "Light" Fountainhead, Seattle WA 

2019/ Group show - Mixed Media, "The Dog Show" Gallery 110, Seattle WA 

2019/ Group show – Pacific Northwest Ballet Pop-up Gallery, Seattle WA 

2019/ Group show – Seattle Art Fair via Gallery 110, Seattle WA


2019/ Solo show –  Works on paper, "Swimming in Optimism", Bobbie Medlin, Seattle WA 

2018/ Group show – Mixed Media "Other Places, Other Faces", Fountainhead, Seattle WA


2017/ Solo show – Watercolor "Things In My Pockets", Gallery 110, Seattle WA 

2016 / Group show – Mixed Media "People You May Know", Gallery 110, Seattle WA

2016 / Solo show– Paintings & Monotypes, Windermere Gallery, Seattle WA

2015 / Solo show – Paintings, Drawings & Monotypes, Gallery 4500, Seattle WA

2015 / Solo show – Monotypes, Waving Tree Winery Gallery, Kirkland WA

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