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Little Free Art Gallery
The smallest, free-est gallery in the galaxy—take a piece, or leave a piece, or both!

  About the LFA Gallery 

The LFA Gallery opened December of 2020 in an effort shed a little light, levity and beauty on a heavy year.  I began making a large collection of tiny works two year ago when I started mailing my mom a small piece of art every day for the duration of her chemo treatment. 

The "Daily Dose of Art" project started up again early in the pandemic after people were being asked to stay home and keep away from one another. Again I started making postcard-sized pieces of art and mailing them via USPS to friends, family and instagram followers. 


These small works and my longtime love of the Little Free Libraries eventually led to the construction of the Little Free Art Gallery.

The longer story here. 

Little Free Art Gallery Blog 

IG @Little_Free_Art_Gallery

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