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• Each piece in a collection is a 4"x 6" varied edition. They usually start with a printed base layer of my original work, then finished by hand with paint ink and pencil. 

• Everything is created with archival materials and heavy, acid-free watercolor paper. (This means the art shouldn't fade and the paper won't yellow.) 

• A 7-day series is designed as a cohesive collection—to be displayed/ framed as one larger piece of art if the recipient chooses.

• The final size and configuration is up to you— 6" x 28", 12"x 12", 8"x18" etc. 

• Shipping general begins 2 days after your order arrives. 


Q: Can I order a custom collection?

A:  Let me know what you have in mind at 


Q: Do you frame these? 

A: I don't frame them for you but each piece is 4" x 6"— a standard frame size. Find a few ideas below and billions more at Target, Etsy or your local frame store.


Q: Can I gift a daily dose that's more than seven days? 

A: If you're interested, LMK and that can be arranged. Unless it's like a thousand days, because oohhhh boy, that would be a lot. 

Q: What's with that corset stamp on the back? 

A: That's the rust-proof corset stamp of authenticity. 

Q: Is that your real hair color?

A: Yes. 

Q: I don't have Venmo!

A: You can also find me via PayPal with the email address, 

Q: What if I don't have Venmo or PayPal?

A: You can mail me cash but I'll need it in $2 (American) bills, and do NOT tell USPS. Right after that, call me directly (415-637-3714) and I'll help you get set up on Venmo and/or PayPal.

• Have a less frequently asked question?  Ask away....

• Have comments, concerns, free advice?  Free advice away....

Scroll down to see previously offered collections. 


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